Event Cancellation Insurance – Coverage Highlights

What Is Covered?

This Event Cancellation Insurance is what is known as an “all-cause” coverage.  This means that as long as the cause of your Event being Cancelled, Abandoned, Postponed, Interrupted or Relocated is beyond your control and not excluded, you are covered for it.  Lack of interest or financial support is excluded.

Often times, events have problems that no one expected which is why it is good to have an “all-cause” type of coverage.  However, some of the situations that this Insurance is commonly used to protect against include:

(1)        Severe Adverse Weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, severe winter storms)

(2)        Acts of Terrorism (Oklahoma City 1995,  9/11 terrorist attacks, Spain 2004,  London 2005) including the Threat of Terrorism and Biological and Chemical Acts of Terrorism

(3)        Venue Unavailability (from perils such as fire, structural collapse, gas leaks and flooding)

(4)        Earthquakes, Wildfires

(5)       Labour Strikes (whether they take place in the city of your Event or are national in scope like a transportation strike that prevents people from getting to your Event)

(6)        Power Blackouts (like that occurred in the U.S. and Eastern Canada in 2003)

(7)        Localized Disease (like a local outbreak of the Norwalk Virus or the Avian flu)

(8)        Limited National Mourning (death of the Canadian Prime Minister within 7 days of the Event)

Other Benefits Of Coverage

Event Cancellation Insurance is most commonly used to protect the Gross Revenue or Expenses from the Event should the Event be Cancelled, Abandoned, Postponed, Interrupted or Relocated.  Here are several other valuable benefits the coverage provides:


  1. Enforced Reduced Attendance Coverage – When Gross Revenue is insured, this covers the loss of Gross Revenue when the Event takes place but suffers from a substantial reduction in the projected attendance of attendees due to a covered cause (i.e. weather storm)
  2. Extra Expense Coverage – This covers additional expenses incurred to avoid or diminish a loss.
  3. Personal Property Coverage – This covers loss or damage to owned or leased personal property at the Event.
  4. Door Registration Receipts Coverage – This covers the theft of door registration receipts from the Event.