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Welcome to CJB Insurance Services WHO IS CJB INSURANCE SERVICES?
Our name says it all. We are Canadian Jewellers Block Insurance Services Inc., but that is rather a mouthful, so we have become known as "CJB".
Courier Shipment Insurance
Insure your parcels shipped anywhere within Canada by Courier or Federal Express
Fine Art Block Insurance Help is at hand. We can provide tailor-made, high quality, cost-effective insurance solutions for your gallery, backed up with our promise to you of expert advice and courteous and confidential service.

CJB Services

CJB Services

Feature 1

Jewellers Block Insurance

  • Dedicated Jewellers Block team with combined experience exceeding 50 years.
  • Competitive premiums to save you money.
  • Widest access to markets.
  • Personal and knowledgeable service, we visit our clients.
  • Policies are tailored around your business.
  • Priority claims service; they are, after all, our "end product".

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Feature 2

Courier Shipment Insurance

  • Insure your parcels shipped anywhere within Canada by Courier or Federal Express
  • Provide "stand alone" coverage
  • Insure parcels valued from $250 to $15,000 with no deductible
  • Insure up to $30,000 to the same address per day
  • Provide pay-as-you-go insurance
  • Streamline the claims process

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Feature 3

Fine Art Block Insurance

  • Expert advice and courteous and confidential service
  • Access to Axa Fine Art Division and Lloyds of London
  • Policies that can cover shipping, travel, exhibitions, memo or consigned goods and goods in the custody of other dealers
  • Policies that individually tailored to meet your specific needs

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The Jeweller's Blog

The Three Minute Burglary

It's only three minutes. What could possibly go wrong? 


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Fire Codes and Lockboxes

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Shocking Crime Statistics

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Alarming news! Not all ULC alarm systems are equal!


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CJB Fine Arts Division

At CJB Insurance Services we have the experience and dedication to provide clients with a personal and discreet service to ensure that policies are not only competitively priced but that they will respond promptly and fairly when the need arises.

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Get Jewellers Block, before you need it!

We are dedicated to providing insurance solutions for jewellers, diamond merchants and, in fact, any business related to the jewellery industry. We were formed in late 1998 by Meredith Thomas, one of the best-known names in Canada for this type of insurance.

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